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Looking for ways to increase your print sales? Share this article about Retail Displays with your customers.

It’s a fact:

Great e-mail subject lines get people to open an e-mail. Great headlines get them to read a newspaper. And a great magazine cover gets gawkers to buy the magazine.

The same holds true for great retail displays. You have three seconds to catch attention and capture interest. And when you do, you stand a much better chance for purchases to happen.

The focus of this month’s Featured Product is Retail Displays – for windows and interior displays.  Through the years, Compton has printed thousands and, based on that experience, we want to share some tips on what makes a retail display more effective and help you close the deal on your next retail display opportunity.

  • Make it easy to read. No fancy fonts or fonts that are too small. If they can’t read it, they won’t buy it.
  • Keep it short. Consumers are constantly bombarded with messages. A poster that is short and to the point gets attention.
  • Color is compelling. It captures attention and along with great design might just pull in customers specifically because they noticed the sign.
  • Remember your call to action. This is critical to sales conversion.
  • Be creative, clever and don’t forget to have fun.

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