Featured Product - Standees


Your customers are looking for ways to stand out. Compton can help you increase their competitive edge and, at the same time, position you as the expert on printing custom Stand-Out Standees!

Standees are typically used as point-of-purchase displays in retail stores. Often, local professional athletes are used to promote within a geographical area. On a national level, TV and movie celebrity images are used for product endorsements using standees. Standees also are often seen in movie theaters promoting upcoming attractions.

From a production standpoint, standees are often printed in four-color process with an overall aqueous coating to protect the sheet through the mounting process. Large quantity standees are printed directly onto a coated, one-side 80# or 100# litho label and then mounted to the final substrate, die-cut to a pre-designed shape and a corrugated easel support is glued to the back to provide a free-standing display.

Depending on the size, promotion, application, and environment, these easels can vary greatly. Some are very simple while others can include weights to keep the standee in place for high-traffic areas or outdoor placement. A score is included through the middle of the standee and easel to allow the piece to be folded in half lengthwise for convenient packing and shipping.

Small quantity production of standees or other types of point of purchase displays are usually printed directly on thicker substrates like corplast, foamcore or gatorboard and are most often printed on conventional digital equipment. Technological advancements in this equipment now allow small quantity production runs to be printed directly on these types of materials economically.

Additional elements can be incorporated like coupons or rebate tear-pads. These items are preprinted and normally either affixed to the standee by two-sided tape or inserted into a die-cut slit.

Other common additions include lug-ons, which are die-cut pieces that are attached by slits cut into the standee. Lug-ons are used to either form a pocket to hold brochures and samples or used to add a three-dimensional effect to a product promotion.

Motion sensors also can be added that play a prerecorded message as a shopper walks past and activates a recording. To add a motion sensor, a hole is die-cut into the face of the standee and the sensor is attached to the back side.

For more information on the application or production of standees, contact Scott Thomas at 800-325-1451 or email scott@comptonandsons.com.