Featured Product - Sports Posters

Sports Posters

Compton can help your customers capture the crack of a bat, a 99-yard kick-off return, or a spray of ice from a hockey rink while positioning you as the expert on printing custom Sports Posters!

Sports Posters usually feature well-known and admired sports figures are a very popular premium item with teams, their fans and their sponsors.

Over the years, Compton has produced posters for both professional, semi-professional, amateur and collegiate teams from coast to coast. Because of its unique large-format press capability, Compton can print players at full size, making this a great wall poster for a game-day hand out premium.

Primary Uses: These are used for product or organizational promotion purposes and typically include logo/branding of the sponsoring company or organization and are handed out at sporting events and other similar venues.

Who Buys: Professional, college and amateur sports teams, non-profit organizations, health care organizations (hospitals and health plans), national food producers, fast food chains and pharmaceutical companies.

Process: Four-color process offset printing, 1 side.  Paper: 80 or 100# C1S Text.  Finishing: Posters can be shipped flat on skids or rolled, rubber-banded, and bulk carton-packed.

If you are ready to offer Sports Posters to your customers, and want an estimate, we can help. Just provide final size, stock, and quantity to: scott@comptonandsons.com or call 800-325-1451 to speak with Scott, Bob or Robyn.