Featured Product - Growth Charts

Growth Charts

Are you looking for new sales opportunities and new markets? Growth Charts might be a great way to GROW your business!

A growth chart can include child-friendly designs or a famous person - perhaps sports related with a height /ruler measurement along the side to track the growth of a child through his/her early years. Growth Charts have fun images that allow parents and kids to connect and create a permanent record of the growth history of the child. These popular posters are produced using the best printing processes with high-quality coated papers that provide a great look while keeping costs low. The perfect combination to making them a great promotional tool.

Who buys these promotional items most? We find that Hospitals, Pediatric Groups, Pharmaceutical Companies and Medical Insurance Firms choose Growth Charts because they help build and maintain their brand with clients, promote good will in the community, and educate parents and kids about healthy habits.

Description: 60+ inch posters with child-friendly designs are a popular promotional item that will keep your customer's name in front of doctors, staff and patients and build their brand in their target community so they’ll remember them when they have a need.

Here are just 10 ways Health Care Providers Can Use Growth Charts:

1)   Office giveaway when patients come in.

2)   Gift to new moms when they have a baby.

3)   Reps can leave them with doctors to give to patients.

4)   Include with your product at point of purchase.

5)   Giveaway at health fairs.

6)   Giveaway at community events for parents.

7)   Provide to local educational venues for children (daycares, pre-schools, elementary schools, Sunday schools).

8)   Insert into local papers just as you would a flyer.

9)   Direct mail to your target market with your other marketing material.

10) Provide to Parent Education groups and local Parent/Teacher organizations.

If you are ready to offer Growth Charts to your customers, and want an estimate, we can help.
Just provide final size, stock, and quantity to: scott@comptonandsons.com or call 800-325-1451 to speak with Scott, Bob or Robyn.