Featured Product - Carton Labels

Carton or spot labels...

are typically used by manufacturers in the retail industry.

These manufacturers desire to package a product with a high-quality visual image and/or convey important information about the package contents.

Labels are often printed four-color process lithography on either an 80-pound or 100-pound coated one-side text weight stock (litho label) and then mounted to a corrugated carton. Using a sheet coated on one side provides printing that has more ink hold-out and thus provides vibrant color and pop, while the back side of the sheet is un-coated so that it adheres firmly to the surface of the carton.

It is usually a good idea to request paper grain requirements from the mounter/die cutter as grain direction of the paper often will make a difference in the ability to efficiently mount the label to the carton without curling.

An overall application of an aqueous or varnish is usually applied in-line during the printing process to protect the printed surface from scratching or scuffing during mounting, die cutting, and assembly of the finished carton.

Sometimes it may be necessary to apply a “spot” coating when requested by the finisher/mounter when the carton has flaps that will be glued after the label is mounted. Leaving the glue flaps free of print or coating improves adherence of the glue to the sheet and consequently provides a reliable finished carton .

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