Tips and Tools

Promotional Maps

Here are some simple directions to help your clients build their brand, boost their sales, market their events and more using promotional maps.

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Growth Charts

Are you looking for new sales opportunities and new markets? Growth Charts might be a great way to GROW your business!

A growth chart can include child-friendly designs or a famous person - perhaps sports related with a height /ruler measurement along the side to track the growth of a child through his/her early years.

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Sports Posters...

Compton can help your customers capture the crack of a bat, a 99-yard kick-off return, or a spray of ice from a hockey rink while at the same time, positioning you as the expert on printing custom Sports Posters!

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Your customers are looking for ways to stand out. Compton can help you increase their competitive edge and, at the same time, position you as the expert on printing custom Stand-Out Standees!

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Retail Displays...

Looking for ways to increase your print sales? Share this article about Retail Displays with your customers.

It’s a fact:

Great e-mail subject lines get people to open an e-mail. Great headlines get them to read a newspaper. And a great magazine cover gets gawkers to buy the magazine.

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Carton or spot labels...

are typically used by manufacturers in the retail industry.

These manufacturers desire to package a product with a high-quality visual image and/or convey important information about the package contents.

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